Masakazu Toi and Eric P. Winer eds, Local and Systemic Management of Primary Breast Cancers  

Preoperative therapy is used increasingly in the treatment of patients with stages II and III breast cancer. Randomized trials have demonstrated the equivalence of preoperative therapy to standard adjuvant therapy with respect to disease-free and overall survival, with a higher proportion of women undergoing conservative surgery instead of a mastectomy. There are multiple questions about the optimal integration of preoperative system therapy into breast cancer management. This comprehensive handbook on preoperative therapy provides guidance to the clinician for patient management and outlines important areas of controversy that require further research.


  Junko Otani, Older People in Natural Disasters Hardcover  

The Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995 destroyed the homes, livelihoods and communities of many elderly people. Some of the most vulnerable survivors spent up to five years in temporary shelters before settling into publicly subsidized apartments or dispersing into the general population. Public scrutiny of the post-earthquake recovery drew attention to the challenges of community generation and the loneliness, isolation and death experienced by elderly earthquake victims. Bringing together quantitative and qualitative analysis of media discourse, public policy and ethnographic fieldwork, this book examines the long-term effects of the earthquake for elderly residents of temporary shelters and public reconstruction housing. The first study to utilize NVivo qualitative research software in a Japanese research context, this is an original contribution to natural disaster literature as well as health and welfare policy in societies that, like Japan, are undergoing rapid urbanization and population aging.


  Yayoi Saito, Reiko Abe Auestad and Kari Warness eds, Meeting the Challenges of Elder Care: Japan and Norway  

Based on comparative and collaborative studies of Japanese and Norwegian specialists, the book revolves around the critical analysis of rationality of care with the empirical examination of care services in the two countries. Six researchers argue that elder care is not simply the act of labor but that of love and feelings and take up such aspects of care as home help, new public management and social enterprise. Predicated on the historical experience and contemporary reality of elderly care in both countries, the study confronts the commercial rationalization of care practices and explores their desirable forms.


  Ken-ichi Abe and James E. Nickum eds, Good Earths: Regional and Historical Insights into Chinas Environment  

China encompasses a wide range of national environments and human communities. Focusing upon specific regional changes over time, this book presents empirical studies that examine the diversity of interactions between peoples and their environments in China. Good Earths is organized around the themes of land, trees, water and grasses, as scholars from China and beyond assess particular regional environmental issues, drawing upon both contemporary and historical sources.


  Hideshi Ogawa, Wily Monkeys: Social Intelligence of Tibetan Macaques Hardcover  

This book introduces the social behavior of Tibetan monkeys Tibetan macaques at Mt. Huangshan in China. Like other macaques, they live in multiple female and male groups with female philopatry and male dispersal. Unlike most other macaques, however, male Tibetan monkeys carry an infant to another male, hold up the infant, and suck the infant s penis together. Males show their penises to other males and suck the penises of other males. In antagonistic interactions, females form a coalition with unrelated females as well as with their mother and daughters. At night, they huddle and sleep on the ledge of a steep cliff.


  Kazuo Fujita and Shoji Itakura eds, Diversity of Cognition: Evolution, Development, Domestication and Pathology Hardcover  

The book attempts to highlight the diverse aspects of cognition among a wide variety of organisms. Seventeen leading researchers in this field from seven countries illustrate the diverse aspects of cognition among various organisms ranging from insects to humans of different ages and pathological states. This volume will inspire scientists and students who strive to understand cognition and, in particular, those who aim at doing so from genetic and adaptive perspectives.


  Shisuke Tanabe and Annamalai Subramanian, Bioindicators of POPs: Monitoring in Developing Countries Hardcover  

The development of easier, cost-effective and quicker methods to evaluate POPs persistent organic pollutants in developing countries is long overdue. The easiest possible method is to use suitable bioindicators. All those who are involved in the monitoring of POPs - the policy makers, scientists, research students, laboratory technicians, university students and nongovernmental institutions - need a book such as this one at present. This timely book was designed primarily as a broad treatment of this discipline which would be accessible to almost all the people working on POPs. This will be the first book that is exclusively dedicated to Bioindicators of Pollution by POPs .


  Wil de Jong, Lye Tuck-Po and Ken-ichi Abe eds, The Social Ecology of Tropical Forests: Migration, Populations and Frontiers Hardcover  

An important contribution to understanding the relationship between migration and deforestation, this book brings together various analyses from the three major tropical regions: Southeast Asia, the Amazon basin, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The scope of the discussion is extensive, covering historical issues such as the impact of the slave trade on Sub-Saharan African forests and communities, and contemporary dilemmas like the over-exploitation of natural forest products in Vietnam. The analyses are spatially and temporally contextualized, drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data to provide a useful resource for studying the societies of tropical regions and their social ecology.


  Itaru Ohta and Yntiso D. Gebre eds, Displacement Risks in Africa: Refugees, Resettlers and Their Host Population Paperback  

This book analyzes the underlying causes of population displacements in Africa, identifies the various risk groups, explores the types of risks involved and discusses the strategies for countering the imminent challenges. The study also explores the commonalities and differences in displacement experiences. The identification of common interest is important for developing a broad conceptual framework and suggesting justified comprehensive policy treatments. The research will make a valuable contribution to the rapidly evolving literature on population displacement. African planners and policy makers will find the insights and analyses useful.


  Itaru Ohta and Yntiso D. Gebre eds, Displacement Risks in Africa Hardcover  
This is the hardcover edition of the above title.

  Satoshi Yamagishi ed., Social Organization of the Rufous Vanga  

For a few decades, Yamagishi and his associates have studied. In this volume they summarize the findings of their long-term research on the ecological and social behavior of the rufous vangas, a unique species of birds in Madagascar, with specific observations about cooperative breeding, sex ratio manipulation, foraging and helper behavior. The authors demonstrate the implications of the study for theories of evolution, genetic inheritance and group formation.


  Kazutake Kyuma, Paddy Soil Science  

This book is an important reference for those concerned with maintaining the sustainability of wet rice agriculture - the foundation for much of human life throughout Asia. Kazutake Kyuma draws on his long and broad-ranging experience with rice agriculture to clearly explain the interactions between many human, environmental, biological and chemical factors that protect the long-term productivity of rice paddy soils.


  Shozo Kojima, A Search for the Origins of Human Speech Paperback  
Published in February 2003. An unrivalled world authority in the area, Shozo Kojima presents a detailed overview of chimpanzees auditory sense and vocalization in an attempt to demonstrate how human speech has evolved. Based on unique longitudinal studies over a few decades, Kojima has collected his theories and findings into a single volume, making them available to an international audience for the first time.

  Shozo Kojima, A Search for the Origins of Human Speech Hardcover  
Published in February 2003.

  Tohru Nakashizuka and Nigel Stork, Biodiversity Research Methods: IBOY in Western Pacific and Asia  
Developed from extensive preliminary research for IBOY International Biodiversity Observation Year conducted throughout the Western Pacific and Asian regions, BIODIVERSITY RESEARCH METHODS includes detailed research methodologies for forests, freshwater and coastal marine environments. It aims to ensure that the results of research at different study sites are meaningfully comparable, thereby enhancing our understanding of biodiversity distribution and its role in ecosystem function.


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