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  Chizuko Ueno, Nationalism and Gender Hardcover  
This title is Chizuko Ueno s first English-language book. One of Japan s foremost feminist theorists here employs her typically lucid, hard-hitting style to confront head on the various actors in the debate surrounding the issue of comfort women . While skillfully dismantling the neo-nationalist argument of the historical revisionists, Ueno is no less biting in her treatment of her traditional political and intellectual allies - left-wing historians and feminist supporters of the comfort women - a fact that has made the book highly controversial in Japan.

  Kenji Hashimoto, Class Structure in Contemporary Japan Paperback  

Based on data collected in 1995 for the Social Stratification and Mobility Project, this book posits four major classes in Japanese society - capitalist, working, new and old middle. It investigates the characteristics and mobility patterns of each class in terms of income, work, social network, leisure activity, gender relations and voting behavior.


  Kenji Hashimoto, Class Structure in Contemporary Japan Hardcover  


  Tadao Umesao, An Ecological View of History: Japanese Civilization in the World Context Hardcover  

This is the first English version of Tadao Umesao's classic, published first in Japanese in 1957, with a full description of his ecological theory of civilizations of Eurasia. Dividing the Eurasian continent into three major ecological zones consisting of Western Europe, Japan, and the region between them, he shows how the first two are basically similar and demonstrates fundamental differences between Japan and China. In 1964 a jury of ten intellectuals chose this treatise as one of the 18 most influential treatises since 1945 from among more than a hundred which were considered. In 1998, when an influential monthly, Bungei Shunju, solicited the ten most impactful books in the twentieth century from more than 170 intellectuals in Japan, this book won the third highest vote among 67 books that were nominated.


  Johann Arnason, The Peripheral Centre: Essays on Japanese History and Civilzation Paperback  

The main theme of this title is the complex relationship between the patterns of Japanese modernity and civilizational legacy on which they continue to draw. The book discusses the East Asian regional context of Japanese civilization, deals with the dynamics of state formation and the attendant cultural transformations in premodern Japan, and suggests ways of comparing the Japanese experience to the West. Presenting Japan as a test case for relating the emerging problematic of multiple modernities to civilizational perspectives, Arnason examines the economic foundations as well as philosophical self-interpretations of Japanese modernity.


  Johann Arnason, The Peripheral Centre: Essays on Japanese History and Civilization Hardcover  


  Eiji Oguma, A Genealogy of Japanese Self-images Paperback  
This book is an English translation of Tan itsu Minzoku Shinwa no Kigen, which won the Suntory Culture Award in 1996. Eiji Oguma examines the ethnic self-identity of the Japanese as represented by a vast and diverse range of authors dating from the mid-Meiji period through to the postwar years.The book presents a counter-argument to the widely held view that the Japanese have believed that they are a homogeneous nation since the Meiji period. Oguma demonstrates that the myth of ethnic homogeneity was not established during the Meiji period, nor during the Pacific War, but only after the end of World War II. The study covers a large range of areas, including archaeology, ancient history, linguistics, anthropology, ethnology, folk law, eugenics and philosophy, to obtain an overview of how a variety of authors dealt with the theme of ethnicity. It also examines how the peoples of the Japanese colonies, Korea and Taiwan, were viewed in the prewar literature on ethnic identity. The book was translated by David Askew.

Comments by the translator


  Eiji Oguma, A Genealogy of Japanese Self-images Hardcover  


  Machiko Sato, Farewell to Nippon: Japanese Lifestyle Migrants in Australia  
This book presents an ethnographic account of a fresh breed of emigrants who have left Japan to settle in Australia in pursuit of a better quality of life. They differ from economic migrants who went overseas before the 1970s for economic reasons but represent new types of lifestyle migrants who seek to enjoy a more easygoing, carefree life abroad. Based on some 200 interviews, the study attempts to portray the participants joy and sorrow, felicity and frustration as seen through their own eyes and expressed with their own words and phrases. The Japanese version of the book won the Asia-Pacific Publication Award in 1995.

Review in the Elecronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies


  Harumi Befu, Hegemony of Homogeneity: An Anthropological Analysis of Nihonjinron  
In spite of rapid changes taking place in Japan, the dominant identity discourse of Japan, Nihonjinron, has not vacated its hegemonic position in the ideological landscape of common people. Japanese intellectuals have been producing and continue to produce a massive and ever increasing literature on the subject with no end in sight. In Hegemony of Homogeneity, Harumi Befu, a bilingual anthropologist who has dedicated his past 40 years working on Japan, dissects, analyzes, and interprets this discourse by consultinghundreds of original sources in Japanese. Nihonjinron discourse is argued, among others, as a civil religion of the Japanese and a creature responding to Japan s changing geopolitical and geoeconomic environment.


  Hiroshi Komai, Foreign Migrants in Contemporary Japan Paperback  
This book overviews the situation of foreign migrants in Japan based on the latest and most comprehensive available data and presents necessary policy recommendations. Hiroshi Komai, a foremost scholar in the foreign residents in Japan, demonstrates the progress of settlement and the formation of ethnic communities. Special attention is given to workers under the economic recession, along with the condition of non-workers such as pseudo-exiles, self-actualization seekers and marriage/family oriented people. The study presents an analysis of deprivation and discrimination against migrants and examines human rights violations in a wide range of areas, including subsistence, residence, liberty and freedom, social life, culture and political participation.

Review in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies


  John Clammer, Japan and Its Others Paperback  
The book explores Japan s relationship with Asia and the world, examines contemporary Japanese thinking about Japan s others and how this impacts on local discourses about uniqueness, modernity, internal minorities and postmodern conceptions of Japanese culture, religion and psychic makeup.

JAPAN AND ITS OTHERS attempts to take local knowledge seriously, pursue the centrality of the emotions as a viable avenue for understanding Japanese society and enrich the scope of cultural studies and sociology of Japanese capitalism by presenting a comparative and non-Western perspective.

Review in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies


  Satoru Ito and Ryuta Yanase, Coming Out in Japan Paperback  

This book gives a human focus to the nascent struggle for social acceptance and dignity being waged by homosexuals in Japan. It describes the authors coming out to society and their subsequent appeals, on both a personal and public level, for the acceptance of homosexuality by the wider community.

Translated by F. Conlan.


  J. S. Eades, Tom Gill and Harumi Befu eds, Globalization and Social Change in Contemporary Japan  
This paperback collection is a bold attempt to come to terms with globalization and social change in contemporary Japan. Some studies look at macro phenomena such as patterns of international migration Befu , business internationalization Sedgwick , educational reform McVeigh and trends in values Mohwald . Others examine ground-level change as experienced by particular social groupings: women in the workplace Bishop , casual laborers Gill , yakuza gangsters Herbert and members of the Burakumin community Davis . Other papers focus on the craft of making Buddhist altars Eades et al , the practice of ascetic mountain worship Riessland and theoretical models of interpretations of emotions Clammer .

Review in the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies


  Yasunori Fukuoka, Lives of Young Koreans in Japan Paperback  
In this highly important study, leading sociologist, Yasunori Fukuoka examines the life experiences and identity formation of young third-generation Korean migrants in Japan, using the results of one hundred and fifty in-depth interviews. His study shows that these young people are distinctively different from mainland Koreans and from majority Japanese alike.

LIVES OF YOUNG KOREANS IN JAPAN depicts their struggles to avoid and resist Japanese racism, the deep wounds and inner conflicts that result from those struggles, and the complex ethnic identity that emerges in the process.

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