Yoshimichi Sato, Intentional Social Change: A Rational Choice Theory Paperback
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Why do some efforts to implement social change succeed while others fail? Sato observes that existing theories focus on social action at either the micro or the macro level, and are therefore unable to explain the transitions between these levels. In this book, Sato argues that efforts to effect social change at the macro level stimulate responses at the micro level. The accumulation of these micro-level social actions determines the macro level social outcomes. It is therefore the hitherto neglected multi-level transitions that require explanation if we are to understand the factors that lead to the success or failure of intentional social changes. Sato turns to rational choice theory and game theory to analyze such transitions, in the process mounting a defense of methodological individualism. Through an intricate combination of theoretical and empirical explorations, he concludes that intentional social change is successful when change agents anticipate and control for the possible range of responses available to micro-level social actors such that the latter s responses to the change agent s endeavors accumulate towards the desired outcome.

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