The Boundaries of the Japanese, vol. 2: Korea, Taiwan and the Ainu 1868-1945, paperback
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In this, the parallel volume to The Boundaries of 'the Japanese': Volume 1: Okinawa 1868–1972 (Trans Pacific Press, 2014), renowned historical sociologist Eiji Oguma further explores the fluctuating political, geographical, ethnic and sociocultural borders of ‘Japan’ and ‘the Japanese’ from the latter years of the Tokugawa shogunate to the mid-20th century. It focusses first upon the northern island of Hokkaido with its indigenous Ainu inhabitants, and then upon the mainstays of Japan’s colonial empire—Taiwan and Korea. In continuing to elaborate his theme of inclusion and exclusion, the author comprehensively recounts and analyses the events, actions, campaigns and attitudes of both the rulers and the ruled as Japan endeavoured both to be seen as a strong, civilised nation by the wider world, and to ‘civilise’ its disparate subjects on its own terms.

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