Yutaka Tsujinaka and Hiroaki Inatsugu eds, Aftermath: Fukushima and the 3.11 Earthquake
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Aftermath: Fukushima and the 3.11 Earthquake is a comprehensive analysis of recovery and reconstruction following the triple disaster in Japan on 11 March, 2011. This collection addresses the question of why, despite the relative success of network governance in brokering a response to the disaster and to reconstruction, politics failed either to prepare for the disaster or to respond adequately to it. In examining Japanís political system leading up to 3.11, Aftermath looks at the system of network governance that operated between various organizations and levels of government, and scrutinizes the political influence network that united politicians and the bureaucracy with the major corporations and created a system to promote nuclear power. Through political, policy, economic and social analysis, Aftermath aims to contribute to the development of mechanisms and structures to minimize the impact of disasters.

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