Akira Takada, Narratives on San Ethnicity: The Cultural and Ecological Foundations of Lifeworld among !Xun of North-Central Namibia Paperback
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The cultural and ecological foundations of ethnicity of the !Xun, a group of the San, provide a case study in this book for an intensive regional structural comparison of Ju societies. Long known to Western Europe as the ‘Bushmen’, the San consist of various groups distinguished by language, locale, and practice. This book focuses on the !Xun, who have lived in north-central Namibia for centuries, and adopts a life story approach to understand the lived histories of the people. It looks at interethnic relationships and the multidimensional associations with neighboring groups, particularly the Owambo and ǂAkhoe, Akira Takada scrutinizes kinship and naming terminologies, transitions of ethnicity, the interplay between ethnicity and familial/kin relationships, and the reorganization of environmental features that effect child socialization. This book provides a valuable research perspective in San studies and in the emerging anthropology of their life-world, and is a significant addition to the small body of anthropological studies on the !Xun.

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