Ross Mouer ed., Globalizing Japan: Striving to Engage the World
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Japanese are again struggling with their nationís insularity. The Meiji Restoration and the end of the Asia-Pacific War gave way to concerted efforts to connect the country with the outside world. As the Japanese economy emerged from two decades of stagnant growth, there was wide consensus that the society was increasingly grappling with problems shared globally, and that both its economy and internal policy debates would benefit from being more fully engaged in discourses and research activity occurring outside its borders. Globalizing Japan considers the efforts of policy makers to reorient Japan to the outside world as the nation enters the second decade of the twenty-first century. The book discusses five strategies being pursued by Japanís policy makers---enhancing the involvement of Japanese in global networks, improving English language skills, hiring more foreign labor, lifting the stature of tertiary education on internationally recognized league tables, and creating favourable images of Japanese cultured society abroad. The introductory chapter considers the changing geopolitical landscape and the social backdrop against which such policies are being introduced, while the final chapter assesses the prospects that Japanese will experience a ďthird openingĒ any time soon. Overall the volume provides insight into some of the critical choices likely to shape Japanís interface with the outside world and the direction in which Japanese society moves over the next decade.

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