Kiyoko Kanki ed., Borobudur as Cultural Landscape
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Borobudur as cultural landscape is an active discussion. Since the start of the International Field School on Borobudur Cultural Landscape Heritage, Borobudur as cultural landscape – of mountains, hills, fields, villages, and rivers, including historic tangible and intangible items – has considered the role and potential of local communities and organizations in conservation and the living environment.

How can Borobudur as cultural landscape be described? How are diverse activities related? How can we contribute to sustainability? This comprehensive volume considers these questions and presents discussions by academics and local community members. It considers cultural landscape heritage – saujana heritage – and discusses the idea of ‘evolutive conservation’. It presents geographical, geological, and ecological perspectives, investigates the ancient lake that once existed, and investigates the topography and landscapes. It considers the regional planning system and describes the history and potential of local communities and organizations with a focus on tourism and development. It also examines case studies and the Borobudur Field School itself. This book commemorates ten years of the Borobudur Field School by encouraging ongoing discussion and by searching for the next steps in evolutive conservation.

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