Toshiaki Kimura ed., Social Stratification in Cultural Contexts: Cases from East and Southeast Asia Paperback
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This book is a collection drawn from research results of the East Asian Division of the Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality at Tohoku University. In this book, seven scholars who specialize in areas of East and Southeast Asia examine how the problem of stratification manifests in different cultural and historical contexts, discussing when and in what circumstances the problem of stratification has become more serious and suggesting how the tension could be eased.

Topics dealt with are diversified, from religion to economic concerns. The local wisdom of traditional societies is used to analyze inequality and stratification in cases such as the phenomenon of religious revival following democratization in Mongolian society, the lives of slaves under the Choson dynasty in Korea and the role of warrior-class women in early-modern Japan. This volume provides a strong step on the way to further studies of stratification and inequality in cultural contexts.

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