Mari Nakami, In Pursuit of Composite Beauty: Yanagi Soetsu, His Aesthetics and Aspirations for Peace
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This book is a study of the life and thought of Yanagi Soetsu 1889-1961 , known primarily as the founder of Japan s mingei folk crafts movement. He was a thinker who believed that world peace could not be achieved by painting the world in one single color. At a time when Japan was invading Asia and enforcing its cultural assimilation policy in its colonies and occupied territories before and during World War II, Yanagi aspired to realize a world in which multiple races and cultures could coexist. He was able to form his pacifist view on the basis of the key concept of composite beauty, --- an ideal of creating the world in which heterogeneous entities accept their differences and learn from each other. Tracing Yanagi s intellectual development, the study presents a positive reevaluation of the contemporary significance of his thought from the viewpoint of international relations.

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