Yasuko Takezawa ed., Racial Representations in Asia
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Though there is no biological validity to race, it continues to play a central role in various aspects of our daily lives. What, then, generates and reinforces the reality of race, and in what ways? In order to explore these questions, this book examines racial representations from both scientific and humanistic perspectives, taking into account both historical and contemporary views. This incisive anthology is the product of an interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars whose backgrounds vary from Japan to Korea, Singapore, Germany, Israel/Iraq, and the United States. The discussion consists of studies in history, literature, sociology, cultural anthropology, and genetics, while the primary focus is on racial representations in Asia. This book elucidates issues and phenomena that have been neglected or marginalized in the literature on racial representation, and serves to broaden our understanding both in the theoretical and empirical realms. Looking at these phenomena, we realize that racism has become increasingly obscure and harder to identify and articulate, thus posing the question: are we really beyond race and heading towards a future of integration ?

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