Leonie Stickland, Gender Gymnastics: Performing and Consuming Japans Takarazuka Revue
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The artifice of gender performance - sometimes playful, mostly conscientious - has enthralled and entertained audiences of Japan s all-female Takarazuka Revue for more than ninety years. The dashing male-role players in its musical theatre productions enjoy the adulation of a predominantly female audience for whom those handsome idols represent ideal masculinity, while those men in turn are reflected and magnified by the overwrought femininity of their female-role counterparts.

This volume resounds with the voices of those closest to Takarazuka: the girls and women who have danced, sung and acted in its limelight. Using exclusive interviews, historical records, autobiographies and years of close-hand observation, former Revue translator and voice actor Leonie Stickland extensively explores the aspirations, endeavours and experiences of Takarazuka s creators, performers and adoring fans, while simultaneously elucidating gender issues which have impacted upon the life-stages of women in Japan throughout the past century.

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