About Us

Trans Pacific Press was established in Melbourne, Australia, at the beginning of 2000 to publish scholarly books on Japan and Asian societies. We endeavor to produce high-quality studies professionally, expeditiously and cost-effectively. Most of our titles are published both in hardcover and in paperback and distributed internationally. All our books are mailed from Melbourne to any location in the world by economy air.

The JAPANESE SOCIETY SERIES, edited by Professor Yoshio Sugimoto, School of Social Sciences and Communications, La Trobe University, Melbourne, constitutes our flagship series and publishes ground-breaking studies on contemporary Japanese society.

Trans Pacific Press is closely associated with Kyoto University Press and is undertaking joint publication projects including KYOTO AREA STUDIES ON ASIA.

Trans Pacific Press has published a four volume study, A SOCIAL HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN CONTEMPORARY JAPAN, the Japanese edition of which was awarded the prestigious Mainichi Publication Award in 1995. Professor Shigeru Nakayama of Kanagawa University, a renowned historian in science and technology, who led the Japanese project, is the chief editor of the English translation.

Trans Pacific Press has published the STRATIFICATION AND INEQUALITY SERIES in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality, a twenty-first century center of excellence program based in the Faculty of Arts and Letters at Tohoku University. Fifteen titles have already been published.

We have also published four titles for the ADVANCED SOCIAL RESEARCH SERIES in association with the Center of Excellence for the Study of Social Research for the Enhancement of Human Well-being based in the Graduate School of Sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University.

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